I fell in love with the way she looks at things Ask her what her favourite colour is She’ll say yellow Why? Yellow is bright, charismatic and it brings out enthusiasm You’ll notice this She’s fun being around and you’ll end up smiling She’s kind too, humble,loving ,caring Amazing will be an understatement when it […]

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Hopeless romantic

I’m a hopless romantic I’ll believe we’re meant to be Even if it doesn’t seem like it I’ll believe we’re a match made in heaven Coz if we were not We wouldn’t be together I’ll tell you how bad i want to be with you,forever I’ll tell you about my dreams, My secrets, My fears, […]

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My first kiss

He walked me home, as a friend but I had the hugest crush for him This time the feeling was mutual It’s not like there was another time It’s just in the way his heartbeat and mine sounded like an orchestra with the collabo of our voices and the wind, the birds, the trees… I […]

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Pills Rope Toxins Gun Drugs My mind is all over the place I’m not sure what refuge to take Everything is so heavy Everything has fallen into pieces I’m also in pieces I can’t collect myself So the only way to feel alive I take a razor then cut myself I’ve become a masochist Tears […]

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